Hourleey 19 FT Pressure Washer Telescoping Extension Wand.

$ 149.99

Package includes: Quick-locked telescoping pressure washer wand, support Belt, 20 Inch pressure washer extension gutter cleaner with 1/4″ fitting, U shaped wand, 3/8” quick connect to M22-14mm male thread connector, M22-14mm female thread to M22-15mm male thread, 5 nozzle tips

Professional cleaning: Hourleey quick-lock telescopic extension wand, can reach 5.2-18 feet high. Ideal for cleaning the outer walls of the second floor, roof gutters and soffits without use a ladder.

Widely compatible: can be used with many gas powered and electric pressure washer up to 4000 PSI. If the end of your high pressure washer is 3/8 quick connector, it can be directly connected to the telescopic wand. If the end of your high pressure washer is M22-14mm, you can use the attached 3/8” quick connect to M22-14mm male thread connector to connect. If the end of your high pressure washer is M22-15mm, you can connect telescopic wand through the two connectors show as fig.3

Quick-locking: Different from conventional thread-locking telescoping lance, Hourleey telescoping extension wand adopts quick-locking device, which is more convenient to use and will not cause the telescoping lance to contract during use because of no tightening

Four-section telescoping: Hourleey telescoping wand use four-section telescopic devices, the shortest is only 5.2 feet, the longest can reach 18.9 feet, can be used to wash higher walls, and save storage space after use

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